Vending Machines Hartford, Connecticut
Vending Machine Options Hartford, Connecticut
If you're looking for a great way to boost employee morale at your Hartford office, you'll want to take a look at the options that Olivieri Vending has to offer in Hartford and throughout the state of Connecticut. We can provide you an assortment of traditional snacks, healthy snacks, an array of beverages including hot beverage machines, cold and frozen food vending machines that are available with free, subsidized, and paid vending options for you to choose from.

Your workers can have all of the food and beverages they desire and you can decide how much if anything they are going to have to pay for the vending items selected. Our machines are all state of the art and we keep them fully stocked and working properly at all times.
Fresh Vend Guarantee
We have several options for your business to choose from. The first option is called our traditional vending service, where your employees will pay the full price for the food or beverages we supply. The cost to you will be nothing. All equipment is modern and reliable and the vending machines are placed at no charge to your company.

Keeping Your Workers on the Job with Subsidized or Free Vending
When you offer your employees the option of buying food and beverages on site, most employees will take advantage of it out of convenience. Drop the price down with our subsidized option where you pay the difference, or with our free vending option you leave the responsibility of cost entirely in your hands. With either subsidized or free vending services, you offer your employees an additional benefit that will keep your workers happy and on site for more of their work day.

Office Coffee Service
A hot brewed beverage solution including an assortment of coffee and teas with quality break room supplies in the workplace is a great benefit to all businesses. All brewing equipment is no charge to you and we continually monitor your break room to make sure it is fully stocked. Olivieri Vending can help offer your employees a designated coffee or break room filled with all the necessary items to make it a success.

If you have any questions or are interested in a no obligation consultation, email us at olivierivending@gmail.com or give us a call today at 860.966.3646. We would be happy to serve you!


Our service area includes but not limited to: Hartford, Windsor, Bloomfield, Manchester, Windsor Locks, East Windsor, South Windsor, East Hartford, Vernon areas.