Snacks Vending Machines Hartford, Connecticut
Vending Machines Hartford, Connecticut
Looking for a sweet or salty snack? Look no further - Olivieri Vending provides a wide variety of brand name snack items for your vending machines including but not limited to cookies, chips, pastries, breakfast items and soups.

With our vast assortment of snack items, you can be sure we will provide the variety that your employees desire. But, if you find an item not currently stocked in the vending machine that you or your employees prefer, feel free to communicate with your route driver any changes to your product selections. Our goal is to stock your machine with items that your employee's want. Also, to better serve you, we conduct a pre-installation survey before a machine is ever placed in your workplace. This allows our staff to gauge the demographics of your environment in order to better meet the needs of your employees.
You can reach us at 860.966.3646 or email us at We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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Our service area includes but not limited to: Hartford, Windsor, Bloomfield, Manchester, Windsor Locks, East Windsor, South Windsor, East Hartford, Vernon areas.